Child Care Programs

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Case Western Reserve University supports our working parents with several child care-related benefits and resources. We are proud to offer these benefits to all eligible members of our campus community—including all eligible faculty, staff, postdocs and students. Use the information in this section to learn more about our offerings. 

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CWRU Child Care Subsidy Program

Effective January 1, 2024, the university will subsidize up to $2,000 per fiscal year to support the cost of childcare for eligible faculty, staff, postdocs and students. 

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Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

Employees can save up to $5,000 with a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account for reimbursement of expenses incurred for the care of children or certain qualifying adults. 

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Child Care Support During Travel

Child care can become particularly challenging when a parent must take a trip for work or study. CWRU has a fund to supplement a portion of the additional costs of child care during travel. 

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Discounts at Local Child Care Facilities

CWRU has partnered with local child care centers and early childhood education programs to offer child care discounts.

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Child Care Working Group Members

The university appointed a Child Care Working Group to evaluate CWRU's child care programming options and to recommend ways to enhance child care options for our campus community.

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Child Care Points of Contact

Have a child care question? Reach out to one of our points of contact who can help you address your child care concerns and issues.