Ad Hoc Report Request

Human Resources is responsible for supporting university administration in the preparation of address labels and/or address lists of Case Western Reserve University employees. This HR information is considered by the university to be confidential and is only released for official purposes on a need-to-know basis. Requests for the release of this information must be made on the Ad Hoc Report Request form listed below.

Instructions for Ad Hoc Report Request

If you have difficulties after drafting your information needs based on the following notes, please do not hesitate to call 216.368.5049 or email James Ryan.

  1. Complete the required information on the Ad Hoc Report Request Form.
  2. Print the form.
  3. Obtain the required signatures.

Information to consider before completing the request form:

  • The purpose for which you wish to use the information
  • The "target population" that you wish to contact
  • The requestor information, at the top of the form—this area needs to be filled out in full in order to facilitate the completion of the request.
  • If this is a report/data extract request, please indicate under report/data extract request what information (such as name, address, hire date) must be included. The difference between a report and a data extract is the delivery of the information. A report will be produced on paper. A data extract will be produced on disk in a format that can be imported into other software packages.
  • The selection criteria—this identifies the population to be included. Mark clearly each area that needs to be included on the report or for the labels.

A space is provided at the bottom of the form to identify any other requirements for the labels or reports. Not all such special needs can be met due to the nature of the data. Where requests are very specialized, consideration should be made for development and completion of the task.