Additional Resources

The Professional Development Center aims to provide CWRU community with relevant learning and connection activities to increase your impact, raise your skills, and enhance your working life.

Conflict Resolution Toolkit

Below you will find resources and trainings that highlight different tools to support you in the area of conflict resolution.

Monthly Training Highlights 

The Professional Development Center (PDC) has started a new monthly initiative where we will take one hard skill training area and one soft skill training area and highlight a few resources available for each skill. Below you will find the links to the monthly trainings. New users can learn how to create their profiles on LinkedIn Learning, Academic Impressions or Impact Solution by visiting LinkedIn LearningAcademic Impressions or Impact Solution which are for free with the CWRU credentials.

June 2024: Negotiation and Active Listening

May 2024: Artificial Intelligence and Cultivating Belonging

April 2024: Effective Writing and Communication

March 2024: Event Planning and Organization

February 2024: SWOT Analysis and Utilizing Failure

January 2024 - Public Speaking and Leadership

December 2023 - Project Management and Work From Home Tools

November 2023 - Virtual Meeting Technology and Building Confidence

October 2023 - Python and Critical Thinking

September 2023 - Recruitment Management and Stress Management

August 2023 - Email Writing and Clear Communication

July 2023 - Writing for Business and Focus and Productivity

June 2023 - Marketing Basics and Time Management

May 2023 - Strategic Planning and Customer Service

April 2023 - Microsoft PowerPoint and Public Speaking

March 2023 - Data Visualization and Creativity

February 2023- Project Management and Conflict Management

January 2023- Google Apps and Teamwork

December 2022 - Microsoft Excel and Critical Thinking

November 2022 - Email Writing and Clear Communication

October 2022 - Presenting and Confidence

September 2022 - Business Budgeting and Organization

August 2022 - Strategic Planning and Problem Solving

July 2022 - Copywriting and Goal Setting

June 2022 - Adobe Acrobat and Critical Thinking

May 2022 - Zoom/Virtual Meetings and Time Management 

April 2022 - Microsoft Word and Giving Feedback 

March 2022 - Project Management and Public Speaking

February 2022 - G Suites, Google Apps and Customer Service 

January 2022 - Adobe Photoshop and Team Management 

December 2021 - Data Visualization and Conflict Management 

November 2021 - Excel 101 and Team Work



Work from Home Resources 

Below you will find tools, training sessions and additional resources that will continue to support staff, supervisors and teams who are currently working from home or working in a hybrid setting.

Training Pathways

Below you will find training materials and content related to multiple professional and personal skill development areas. In order to access any resources provided by one of our partners, you will need to create a free account using your CWRU networkID and password. All trainings below are free unless listed otherwise. 

Quick Tips

Are you looking for quick tips on a topic so you can implement new skills and strategies as soon as possible? The Professional Development Center has put together tips sheets on popular topics. Each resource below includes helpful information about each topic, a few training recommendations, and quick tips that can be implemented into your teams and work life today! Do you need more assistance on these areas or have a nuanced situation that you would like to discuss further? Sign up for a one-on-one meeting here

Individual Development

For any staff member looking for individualized career development, we encourage you to reach out to our Career Development Manager to get started with a customized plan. If you would prefer to work on your own with some self-guided activities, check out the resources below on a variety of topics.