Health Care

Medical benefits provide you and your family with financial protection and access to quality health care. All Benelect medical insurance plans comply with Health Care Reform requirements.

Health Care Reform

In 2014, a bill was passed requiring all citizens to have health insurance. Health Care Reform enhances health insurance, and Case Western Reserve University's plans meet all of the requirements to comply with the regulations. Health insurance plans offered through the university:

  • Offer Essential Health Benefits
  • Provide preventive care services at no cost to you
  • Provide a minimum level of coverage
  • Have no lifetime dollar caps on coverage
  • Can include dependents up to age 26

If you can afford insurance but decide not to have coverage, you may pay a fine. In 2018, the fine was 2.5% of your yearly family income, up to a set maximum. The maximum penalty for 2018 was $695 per person or $2,085 per family; the penalty has been waived for 2019 and 2020.

While the majority of people will get health insurance through work, there are options for those who don’t have employer-sponsored coverage. Individuals can go online to to learn about the Individual Marketplace.

At the Marketplace, individuals can compare insurance plans and enroll in the plans that best meets their needs. Some individuals may be eligible for tax credits or subsidies to reduce premiums and out-of-pocket costs. The amounts depend on income and family size. These financial aids are only available when insurance is purchased through the Marketplace.

Case Western Reserve University is committed to making sure you understand the implications of Health Care Reform. If you have questions on how these changes may impact you or your family, please contact the HR Service Center at 216.368.6964 or