Life Events

At Case Western Reserve University, we understand that elements of your life can change. We are committed to helping you manage major life events and maintain a balance between your career and your personal life.

Certain life events enable you to make changes to your health benefits and change your dependent coverage.

Qualifying life event changes include:

  • marriage or divorce (or equivalent for domestic partner),
  • birth or adoption of your child,
  • death of your family members,
  • change in your employment status, i.e., from part-time to full-time work,
  • gain of insurance through your spouse's (or equivalent's) employment,
  • loss of your spouse's (or equivalent's) medical, dental and/or vision coverage, and
  • an eligible dependent's gain or loss of medical, dental and/or vision coverage.

Changes in family or job status must be reported to Benefits Administration within 30 days after the life event change occurred along with appropriate documentation. Documentation verifying the date of event must accompany the change of status form. Benefits will be updated as of that date. Please note, that monthly premiums are not prorated.

View the 2023 Benelect Change of Status Form

Only changes that are on account of and correspond with the documented family or job status event can be made. For example, if the documentation you provide is for the birth of a child, the addition may increase the level of coverage (category) to employee plus children or family or allow you to start a dependent care flexible spending account; however, you cannot decrease the level of coverage, opt out, add/delete other dependents, stop your contribution to a dependent care flexible spending account or change carriers, because a decrease would not be consistent with the reason for the change.

Important exceptions to family and job status benefit changes:

  • If your spouse (equivalent) loses dental and/or vision coverage through his/her employer, you may opt into the dental and/or vision plans.
  • You may change your level of coverage (category) if you meet the criteria, but you may not change health coverage carriers.