COVID-19 Information

All university COVID-19 information is located on the COVID-19 page.

Vaccination Policy

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

General Information

Coping With Uncertainty

Mental Health information: During these challenging times, what we "know" is continually changing and we are not certain what will occur in the future. These tumultuous times can make it difficult to manage all aspects of our lives on a daily basis. Learning how to cope through these uncertain times may become a bit easier by accessing these university resources. These resources can help you learn to cope more effectively, provide strategies for feeling more connected and give you direct access to services as our campus continues to navigate through this time.

Child Care Resources

For parents seeking referrals for community and nationwide child care services (e.g. day care centers, family day care home providers, in-home providers, summer programs, etc.) or to do a map-based search of childcare providers that have been approved for Pandemic Child Care, visit the Child Care Resources website.