Customized Plans

The Career Well-being offerings through the Professional Development Center (PDC) have customized options to help you meet your goals. The Career Development Manager will assist you in determining your eligibility and creating a plan that works for you. 

In order to pursue any of the below options you must first have a consultation with the Career Development Manager. Please schedule a Career Development Consultation

Below you will find sample tracks and helpful information to consider when pursuing these options. All customized plans will be tailored to the needs and learning goals of the individual.  

Career Coaching

In order for career coaching services to qualify for the career well-being incentive, staff members need to complete at least 7, one-hour long assignments or a total of 7 hours of combined programming to meet incentive requirements. For tihs reason, plans created by the PDC will consist of 8 activities/engagements or more. A consultation is required to determine if this option is right for you. You may request a Career Development Consultation at any time to get started. 

We have four sample tracks for multi-session career development plans. While each plan is customized to meet the needs of the employee, the below options provide a good idea of what you can expect from a curated plan.  All posted options are a draft and not to be used without a consultation. The topics below may be utilized by CWRU staff members or you may bring your own topic for discussion in a Career Development Consultation.

Sample Track 1: Prepare for Future Promotion / Career Mobility

Sample Track 2: Resume and Job Application Preparedness

Sample Track 3: Career Planning Through Strengths and Values Work

Sample Track 4: Customized Plan (2-4 Goals)

Professional Development Training Session Participation

In addition to the Employee Supervision Certificate, staff may utilize PDC workshop training sessions or training sessions provided by our partners Academic Impressions and LinkedIn Learning to earn the career well-being incentive. Two sample plans have been provided below. All posted sample plans are a draft and not to be used without a consultation. Request a Career Development Consultation to get started.

Sample Track 1: Understanding CWRU Policies and Procedures

Sample Track 2: Developing a Foundation for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Coaching and Professional Development Training Session Combination

For participation in a combined Coaching and Training sessions plan, staff members must complete a combination of 85% sessions related to Coaching and/or Professional Development goals. This can include: curated PDC Trainings, LinkedIn Learning on demand content, Academic Impressions training opportunities, and meeting with the Career Development Manager for discussion and additional work. A consultation is required to develop a plan for this program option. Request a Career Development Consultation to get started.