Welcome to the Right Direction Booth

When you feel lost, life can seem overwhelming. But where there’s hope, support, and resources, you can find your way. CWRU’s partners at Right Direction offer some great resources for individuals and managers.

Resources for Individuals

Nine Tips for a Healthier, Happier You
1. Just Breathe…And Smile. Taking 30-60 seconds to calmly and quietly breathe can be calming and relaxing.
2. Meditation and Mindfulness. Practicing Mindfulness helps shift your perspective from “doing” to “being” and “reactive” to “reflective.”
3. Exercise.  Numerous studies have shown that exercise improves mental health.
4. Eat Healthy. Eat Better and feel smarter!
5. Find a Positive, Creative Outlet. Positive outlets include journaling, painting or drawing, dancing, volunteering and DIY home projects.
6. Take a Walk and Listen to Music. Listening to calming music, like classical music, has been shown to lower heart rate, reduce blood pressure and help people relax.
7. Get Some Sun. Sunlight sends signals to your brain to produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter involved in regulating mood.
8. Take a Long, Hot Bath. Hot water warms the body, increases circulation and relieves aches.
9. Talk to Someone. Humans are social animals, so when you feel overwhelmed by stress it can help to talk to a friend or mental health care provider.

Learn more details about each of these tips!

Feeling Burned Out? Learn more about burnout and find ways to compact them.

Resources for Managers

Managers can help make a happier, healthier more productive work team by paying attention to the emotional needs of staff and faculty.

Building a Resilient Workforce
Resiliency is the ability to adapt to changing and challenging situations. Resilient workgroups are prepared to respond to changes and challenges. Right Direction offers this worksheet to help manages create a strong and resilient team.

Talk About Mental Health
Learn how to spot signs of mental illness and start the conversation with staff and coworkers.

More resources are available on the Right Direction website.