Call for Papers

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The Journal of Clinical and Translational Science - the Official Journal of ACTS and CR Forum - highlights outstanding work in the following areas:

  • Basic and Preclinical Research
  • Clinical Research
  • Education
  • Research Methods and Technology
  • Implementation, Policy, and Community Engagement
  • Translational Research Design and Analysis

Manuscripts may be submitted for peer review in any of the Journal’s article types listed below:

  • Research Articles
  • Expedited Reports
  • Brief Reports
  • Letters
  • Special Communications
  • Comments
  • Review Articles
  • Editorials
  • Perspectives
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Translational Science Case Studies

For a full description of each manuscript category, as well as information on the submission of manuscripts, journal policy and journal style, please visit the JCTS Instructions for Contributors on Cambridge Core.

JCTS is accepting manuscripts for upcoming thematic issues! Learn more about each thematic issue and the submission deadlines below:

Well-Being in Clinical and Translational Science

Deadline for Submission: April 1, 2023

Integration of Social Determinants of Health with Clinical and Translational Science

Deadline for Submission: July 31, 2023

Other calls for papers on translational research topics:

Building the Clinical Research Workforce: Challenges, Capacities and Competencies. Frontiers in Pharmacology.

Deadline for Submission: June 1, 2023

This is an unprecedented time for clinical research. The number and complexity of clinical research studies have increased significantly in the last decade.

Individual participation in clinical research broadened, with an increase in diverse populations, diseases, and geographic settings. The successful execution of these studies, however, has been compromised by an international shortage of clinical research professionals, coupled with an appreciation of the growing number of core competencies necessary for performance.

Health Disparities. Scientific Reports.

Deadline for Submission: July 10, 2023

The collection welcomes epidemiology studies, systematic reviews, interventional and clinical studies addressing topics of health disparities including studies on health disparities itself.

    Reporting Pediatric Translational Science Research. JAMA Pediatrics.

    Deadline for Submissions: open

    Call for manuscripts reporting original and innovative pediatric translational research with significant clinical relevance, with the goal of broadening the exposure of JAMA Pediatrics readers to cutting edge clinically relevant mechanistic translational research and broadening the potential audience for pediatric translational investigators to allow dissemination of their important research to an extensive clinically focused pediatric readership.

    The Practice of Inclusion Science: Reimagining and Retooling Approaches to Diversity, Health Equity, and Inclusion. Alzheimer’s & Dementia: Translational Research & Clinical Interventions.

    Deadline for Submissions: open

    In response to the need to stimulate broader discussion regarding AD/ADRD health disparities and practices that advance scientific inclusion in translational and clinical AD/ADRD research, we are soliciting papers that critically evaluate specific approaches to advancing investigation of AD/ADRD health disparities, outline systematic efforts to promote scientific inclusion in translational and clinical AD/ADRD research, and address emergent methodological challenges that are critical to moving therapies effectively from clinical trials into health care delivery settings.

    Challenging Medical Knowledge Translation – Convergence and Divergence of Translation Across Epistemic and Cultural Boundaries. Humanities and Social Sciences Communication.

    Deadline for Submissions: open.

    In medicine, the concept of knowledge translation (KT) refers to activities focused on the common goal of “bridging the gap” between science in laboratories and clinical application. Social and cultural differences are seen as barriers to the transmission of “pure” medical knowledge. Outside of the medical field, theory around translation in the human sciences focuses on epistemological predicaments and the almost obligatory requirement to cross disciplinary and cultural boundaries in a “global age.” The journal is soliciting manuscripts that explore ways to apply theories on knowledge translation to the field of clinical translation, incorporating recognition of the complexity of translation as an entangled material, a textual and cultural process, which inevitably affects the “original scientific message.”