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Improving Every Life

The next cycle of the CTSC aims to enhance research innovation and impact health equity in Northeast Ohio and beyond.

Dr. Grace McComsey stands in front of a window
Dr. Grace McComsey, Principal Investigator, Clinical and Translational Science Collaborative of Northern Ohio

August 2, 2023 -- We are pleased to announce we have received a fourth round of funding from the National Center from Advancing Translational Sciences at NIH! We join over 60 other Clinical and Translational Science Award Hubs in NCATS' mission to "bring more treatments to all people more quickly."

In the first three award cycles, the CTSC has catalyzed the growth of clinical and translational science across Case Western Reserve University and our four clinical partners in Cleveland: Cleveland Clinic, MetroHealth, University Hospitals, and the Louis Stokes Cleveland Veterans Affairs Medical Center. In this new grant cycle, we are expanding beyond the Cleveland area to become the CTSC of Northern Ohio with the addition of two new partner institutions, University of Toledo and Northeast Ohio Medical University. The new partners will expand our scope and reach and maximize impact in workforce development, rural medicine, dissemination and implementation, and on vulnerable populations.

When I think about research, I think about improving every life, regardless of demographics, geography, or disease type. I think of giving hope to those who have diseases without available therapies. All research is valuable, from basic lab to translational and clinical, to community research. The CTSC is about improving health through collaborations; there is a wealth of talent at CWRU and our six amazing clinical partners. We need to join our amazing complementary expertise to enhance and expedite innovation and educate and build the next generation of researchers and research professionals. We all thrive on one goal—improving health for our local communities and beyond.

Please take a moment to read Dean Gerson's message, as well as CWRU's press release about our award to hear from leadership at our partner institutions and learn more about our next cycle. Stay tuned for new and improved news, events, and resources. We look forward to working with you to improve every life over the next seven years. Cheers!


The Clinical and Translational Science Collaborative (CTSC), a collaborative among Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) and its partner institutions, Cleveland Clinic, MetroHealth, University Hospitals, Louis Stokes Cleveland Veterans Administration Medical Center, University of Toledo, and Northeast Ohio Medical University, is a catalyst for high quality clinical and translational research both locally and nationally. The CTSC provides key services to investigators, trainees, and staff at CWRU and its collaborating institutions to facilitate clinical and translational research. The CTSC’s mission is to change the culture and environment of biomedical research, share resources and expertise, and streamline the research process to move translational research from bench to bedside and to the community. The CTSC is supported by the National Institutes of Health National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences through federal grant UM1TR004528.