Program Evaluation

Program Evaluator

Clara Pelfrey, PhD, Program Evaluation Director

CTSC Program Evaluation integrates data tracking and evaluation for all CTSC research components and training cores, and incorporates a utilization-focused, participatory, and methodologically flexible approach which is based on the CDC Framework for Program Evaluation and the American Evaluation Association Program Evaluation Standards. We are actively involved in all levels of CTSA evaluation, from national to community-based. Nationally, we participate in collaborations with several other CTSA Hubs to apply innovative approaches to evaluating CTSA Hubs.

National and Regional Evaluation Collaborations:

  1. NCATS Methods & Process DTF and the Institutional Readiness for Team Science working group.
  2. CTSC project manager for the NCATS Common Metrics Implementation.
  3. CTSA Evaluators’ workgroup: Retrospective Case Studies of successful translation
  4. CTSA Evaluators’ workgroup: CTSA Evaluator Survey.
  5. Bibliometrics collaboration with the Georgia CTSA.
  6. Local Area Work Group (LAWG) to showcase Cleveland for the upcoming AEA 2018 national meeting (part of Ohio Program Evaluators’ Group (OPEG).

Program Evaluation is directed by Clara Pelfrey, PhD, from the SOM Center for Medical Education. She has served as our Evaluation Director since 2012, and has 27 years of experience in translational research, scientific review and teaching. We provide several services for investigators and groups. For a consultation, email Clara Pelfrey.

Evaluation services for investigators  

We are available to consult with investigators on evaluation services they may need.  This includes assistance with:

  1. Developing data collection instruments such as surveys, data entry forms or databases in Redcap (secure and HIPAA compliant).
  2. Social network analysis data collection.
  3. Bibliometric analysis using Thompson Reuters’ Web of Science (WoS) and InCites.
  4. Highlight investigator impact. Faculty researchers who engage in translational science who want to broaden their influence and visibility can request a profile in Pure Experts, a directory of researcher expertise that enables collaboration among researchers and highlights an investigator’s work to the world. Pure automatically populates with a researcher’s publications, NIH grant and press/media mentions outside of the scientific literature. Pure also provides measurable evidence of the impact of research using collaboration analysis and alternative metrics that track online citations, usage, captures, and news- and social- media mentions.

Evaluation services for departments, centers or collaborative groups

We are available to help your department or group to track and report on the scientific impact of the research performed by its members. Using Pure Experts to profile all your members, we can:

  1. Report on scientific impact. We can help create reports on publication productivity, NIH grant funding, collaboration networks within and outside your institution, citation impact.
  2. Highlight other forms of research impact including news media mentions and other analytics.