Pilot Coordinator

Billie Edgar, Assistant Director

InfoReady is a centralized, online grant proposal management system which facilitates the submission and review of competitive research initiatives. It is designed to support a single or multi-stage review process as well as a single or multi-member review panel. This tool also manages competitive recruitment initiatives. The InfoReady database provides electronic storage of applicants, proposals, reviews, and awards, and can be queried for reporting purposes.

Important instructions on how to access CTSC Pilot opportunities

To apply for a CTSC Pilot, you will need an ID number from SPARCRequest (called an "SRID). SPARCRequest is the CTSC's service request system. Obtaining an SRID from SPARCRequest will help you access the Pilot RFAs and applications in InfoReady as well as link you to other services provided by the CTSC.

To access CTSC Pilot opportunities, click the blue "InfoReady Login" button on this page. On the InfoReady home page, click on the drop down menu to select "Clinical and Translational Science Collaborative (CTSC)" opportunities.