Workforce Development

New employees sitting at a conference table during a training session

The Clinical and Translational Science Collaborative's Workforce Development (WFD) team creates and disseminates inclusive and high impact educational and training programs for research professionals of all disciplines and levels, both in clinical and community settings.

Goals of Workforce Development

  1. Increase the size and diversity of the Clinical Research Professional (CRP) workforce, including research personnel who reflect broad racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, economic, underlying disability, and geographic representation. This is includes investigators, scientists, and research support personnel (e.g., research coordinators, research nurses, data managers, research program managers, administrators, regulators, educators, community health workers).

  2. Identify, develop, and disseminate key educational and training program materials to potential and current CRPs to achieve a well-educated, well-trained workforce across all disciplines in academic medical centers, high schools, colleges, universities, and community/rural settings across the greater Cleveland and Northern Ohio region.

WFD Team
Meet the Workforce Development Team

The WFD core team leads module initiatives and engages in evaluation and continuous quality improvement by monitoring data quarterly, observing trends, and adjusting plans accordingly.

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Partners on Development (PODs)

PODs are focused teams within Workforce Development that engage with respective stakeholders and Clinical Research Professionals at different stages their career pathways -  high school students, undergraduates, investigators, community and rural health researchers, and current research support professionals.

WFD Education Core
Research Education Core

A curated catalog of key educational and training program materials available from CTSC partner institutions, National Associations, and other CTSAs.

Students at a career fair
Career Fairs and Learning Opportunities

Research-focused career fairs, events, and learning opportunities developed to help educate future professionals about potential careers in research and current job opportunities.

WFD Education Courses
Courses for Clinical Research Professionals

Access our Canvas Catalog platform for materials gathered or developed in the Research Education Core and additional materials relevant to WFD.