Informatics Team

Jonathan Haines, PhD, Director
David Kaelber, MD, PhD, Co-Director

Informatics is critical for the successful capture, management, analysis, and interpretation of clinical and translational data. The informatics needs of CTSC investigators include the translation of data into information and then into knowledge by combining basic research (e.g. proteomic profiles, biomarkers, genome sequences), clinical research (e.g. clinical trials, EHRs), and population research (e.g. community interventions).

Our goal is to provide a stable, flexible, comprehensive, and user friendly biomedical informatics infrastructure (tools, processes, people, and training) that enables and enhances all aspects of translational research. We aim to:

  • Provide Informatics tools to support and accelerate clinical and translational research
  • Educate and train researchers, trainees, and staff in biomedical informatics tools and resources
  • Enable collaborative research and data sharing within the CTSC and across the nation