Project Management: Guides to the Basics

Project management tools and principals are used successfully in business to manage goals and objectives to meet expectations of deliverables: product quality, timelines and cost.   We in research know how complicated it is to get from “idea” to completed study publication.   Experience shows us project management skills and tools can help streamline the research process and use your time more effectively through a planned, methodical approach;  a little like applying the scientific method to study start-up, recruitment, study conduct and closure!

Our four modules (15 minutes a day) provide an introduction to the basics of project management with skills, tools and local resources you can use immediately.

Module 1: Project Management: The Benefits when used in Team Practice
Module 2: Project Management: Study Initiation/Assessment and Planning
Module 3: Project Management: Study Monitoring & Control, Execution, and Closure
Module 4: Cleveland CTSC Clinical Trial Resources Available to You