Transfer of Credit Policy

  1. A maximum of nine credits can be transferred into the MSN Program
  2. For credits to be transferred, the student must have received a grade of B or above.
  3. A transcript reflecting the course grade must be in the student’s file
  4. To have a course approved the student should submit to the Program Director:
    • An Application for Course Transfer or Waiver Approval (MSN Students Only) 
    • A syllabus for the course that includes course description, course objectives and a detailed content outline.
    • The Program Director will give the application to the appropriate faculty member who will approve or not approve the course for transfer credit.
    • The form will be sent to the Registrar’s office where it will be placed in the student’s file.
  5. The Registrar will have the transferred course posted to the student’s record in the Student Information System.
  6. The same process will be followed for a waiver.
  7. If the student wants to take a course elsewhere, it must be approved prospectively.