Active Learning iPad Initiative

iPad Pro screen showing Active Learning iPad Initiative screen.

Five years ago, the Active Learning Fellowship was developed with the goal of assisting CWRU faculty in developing strategies to fully utilize CWRU’s Active Learning Classrooms. The primary goal of the Fellowship is to increase student engagement and collaboration campus-wide. To date, faculty representing every School have participated in the Fellowship and have redesigned one or more of the classes they teach. Nearly 2,500 CWRU students have been impacted by the Fellowship.

University Technology ([U]Tech) is expanding upon the goals of the original Active Learning Fellowship to advance innovation in teaching and learning at CWRU. The expansion focuses on using mobile technologies and screen sharing of student content to promote active, collaborative learning by utilizing iPad Pros in the classroom. This new initiative will provide a way for CWRU to test the potential benefits of having a standardized student mobile learning device to promote active learning and digital literacy in and outside of the classroom. During the pilot phase, the intention is to work with as many different faculty and students as possible to explore the use of iPad Pros and how they impact the student experience of the course. During the pilot, care will be taken to think of ways to continue gains seen with iPads to other electronic devices that students may own after the pilot semester.