Faculty, Staff and Residents

Periodontics Directory

Name  Phone  Email
Gian Pietro Schincaglia, Chair and Director 216.368.4412 gianpietro.schincaglia@case.edu
Nabil F. Bissada, Professor, Associate Dean for Global Relations 216.368.6752 nabil.bissada@case.edu
Andre Paes, Assistant Professor 216.368.0879 andre.paesbatistadasilva@case.edu
Paul Ricchetti, Associate Professor 216.368.6276 paul.ricchetti@case.edu
David Rolf, Professor, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 216.368.0168 david.rolf@case.edu
Dannielle Waller, Department Assistant 216.368.6757 dannielle.waller@case.edu
Patient Appointments 216.368.3615  
Dental Assistant 216.368.8793  

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