The Case Western Reserve University Periodontics Department is dedicated to advancing periodontology through groundbreaking research and clinical trials. Our team, including esteemed faculty and ambitious residents, explores innovative treatments and technologies to improve patient care. This section highlights our current projects and past achievements, showcasing our impact on periodontal health and our commitment to excellence. Discover how our research is shaping the future of periodontics at Case Western Reserve University.

Current ongoing clinical trials:

Comparison of Surgical Techniques to Treat Isolated Gingival Recession in Mandibular Incisors: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Gian Pietro Schincaglia, DDS,PhD - Clara Sous, BDS
The primary objective of this randomized clinical trial is to compare the mean root coverage achieved with Coronally Advanced Flap (CAF) + Connective Tissue Graft (CTG) (control) to Gingival Pedicle Split Thickness flap (GPST) + CTG (test) for the treatment of isolated gingival recession defects in mandibular incisors. The secondary objectives are to compare the percentage of complete root coverage and keratinized tissue gain between the two techniques. ID NCT06037161

Immediate Versus Delayed Loading of Maxillary Overdenture Implants
Gian Pietro Schincaglia, DDS,PhD - Elysha Pomerantz, DMD
The purpose of the study is to evaluate the radiographic, clinical and patient-centered outcomes of implant-retained immediately-loaded maxillary complete dentures in comparison to delayed loading approach by primarily evaluating radiographic bone loss of dental implants placed in the maxilla over 36 months ID NCT06038487

Changes in Microbial Status From Dentate, Edentulous and After Dental Implant Placement
Gian Pietro Schincaglia, DDS,PhD - Elysha Pomerantz, DMD
The objectives of this study are to analyze the oral microbiome modulations occurring during the transition from partial (with some residual teeth) to full edentulous (without remaining teeth) status and implant placement in subjects affected by severe periodontitis; to evaluate if microbiome changes in relation to the used of different implant material/surface; and to assess the variance of the changes to determine the sample size for future longitudinal prospective studies. ID NCT06149585

Published Research:
*Please note this is a sample list of articles.

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