Periodontics Residency Program

The Department of Periodontology offers a 36 -months master-certificate post-graduate program. The program is organized in five components: biomedical science didactic, periodontics didactic, clinical activity, research and teaching.  The department philosophy is to provide comprehensive training encompassing all aspects of periodontal and implant therapy. Also the residents will be trained to competency in IV sedation, laser therapy and computer guided implant surgeries. The didactic activity, research and teaching will involve about 40% of the residents time and 60% of the time (6 half days a week) will be dedicated to patient treatment.

To train dentists for careers in clinical or academic periodontics which will allow the graduate to practice all phases of clinical periodontics and dental implant surgery and propagate and advance knowledge in the field.

A. To produce highly qualified periodontal clinical practitioners.
B. To prepare students to successfully complete the American Board of Periodontology examination.  
C. To provide the highest quality care to patients with periodontal treatment needs. 
D. To gain a thorough understanding of the biomedical sciences related to the theory, practice and research aspects of Periodontology.
E. To provide training in research, and presentation of scientific data.
F. To produce graduates who are satisfied with their education and alumni who take pride in their program.
The Department of Periodontics faculty and the Program Director monitor all facets of the program on a continual basis.  This ensures student development according to expected levels of progress in the clinical program and that goals and objectives are emphasized during daily operation of the program. 

Program Details
Program Length: Three Years
Tuition: $65,594 per year (years 1-2)
$5,464 per year (year 3)
Degree/Certificate obtained: MSD and Certificate

Program Components
The periodontics graduate program consists of the following five components:    
1)    Patient care
2)    Core biomedical sciences courses
3)    Periodontics courses 
4)    Teaching
5)    Research

Detailed Curriculum

Application Process

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