Periodontics Digital Internship Program

The Digital Internship Program at the Periodontics Department of Case Western Reserve University is a 6 to 12-month educational initiative designed to equip participants with advanced skills in digital dentistry. This program focuses on providing comprehensive training in digital planning, designing, and 3D printing, alongside practical experience in the latest periodontal surgical techniques. It aims to prepare interns for the complexities and advancements in modern periodontal practice.

Training Details:

Digital Planning and Designing: Interns receive training in the latest digital planning techniques, learning how to design dental prosthetics and surgical components using advanced software. This encompasses understanding patient anatomy and designing customized treatment plans.

3D Printing: The program includes hands-on experience with 3D printing technology. Interns learn to create precise dental models and surgical guides, which are crucial in modern periodontal treatments and implantology.

YOMI Robotic Implant Machine Operation: Interns are trained to operate the YOMI Robotic Implant Machine, gaining expertise in robotic-assisted dental surgeries. This includes setup, planning procedures, and acting as a chair-side assistant during surgical processes.

Surgical Procedures and Techniques: The program provides exposure to a wide variety of periodontal surgical procedures. Interns learn both traditional and innovative surgical techniques, enhancing their understanding of wide variety of periodontal surgical procedures

Seminars and Literature Review: The curriculum includes participation in literature seminars, treatment planning discussions, and surgical seminars. These educational sessions are designed to deepen the interns' theoretical understanding of periodontal disease, patient management, and the latest research in the field.

Program Details:
Duration: 6 months or 12 months
Start Date: 1 January or 1 July
Tuition Fees: $31,800 for 12 months