Employee Assistance Program (IMPACT Solutions)

In today's world we all are faced with challenges, both at work and at home, that can be better managed when we obtain the services of a professional to assist us. The university is pleased to offer this important benefit as an investment in you and your family's health and well being.

Employee Assistance Program

We recognize that from time to time, each of us experience difficulties that we are unable to handle on our own. IMPACT Solutions is a voluntary, private, and confidential program which provides counseling and community resources for benefits-eligible employees and family members to help identify problems and develop plans for resolution.

IMPACT Solutions utilizes the services of licensed, credentialed mental health professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and other trained counselors in many Northeast Ohio locations. In addition, IMPACT Solutions has a national counseling network with several hundred providers. Concerns may include:

  • Personal issues
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Marital matters
  • Divorce adjustment and options
  • Retirement Coaching
  • Chemical dependency and abuse
  • Parenting issues
  • Work-related stress
  • Legal and financial questions
  • Nutrition and Fitness Coaching

To use the CONFIDENTIAL IMPACT Solutions Program, simply call 1-800-227-6007. Your call will be answered by qualified masters/doctoral level mental health professionals. Staff are available to assist you and your family, and calls are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

IMPACT Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

Elder Care

As family members age, you may feel overwhelmed trying to balance your needs with the needs of your aging relative. The elder care specialists can help you recognize when an older relative needs help, care for older relatives from a distance, talk to parents who may resist help, and understand and locate housing options.

Elder care specialists have specialized training in geriatric issues and geriatric crisis intervention. A comprehensive assessment of your elder care needs and concerns will be completed. Referrals to community and nationwide services include:

  • Residential options
  • Home care
  • Geriatric assessments
  • Adults day care
  • Support Groups
  • Rehabilitative services
  • Hospice care
  • Legal issues
  • Alzheimer's care

IMPACT Solutions offers information and referral services for all your eldercare needs. Call IMPACT Solutions at 1-800-227-6007. Eldercare information is available on topics such as Caregiver Resources, Paying For Care, Legal Services, Senior Health Information and Services.

Visit us on the web at http://www.MyImpactSolution.com.

1) Click on the orange "Go to member login" box;

2) in the MEMBER LOGIN box, enter Username: CWRU;

3) then click the "SIGN IN" box.

4) Scroll down and click on the "Locators" box.

5) Select from the list of resources.

Child Care

Whether you are an expectant parent or have children well into their teens, you will receive personalized consultation and assistance in locating child care services with the help of a child care specialist.

By assessing a database of child care provider resources and links to several community resources in and around your area, the child care specialist provides referrals for youngsters aging from infants to teens.

The child care specialist can offer information on how to evaluate the quality of child care programs or providers, consultation and education on child development and parenting issues, and written information and practical tools such as booklets, checklists and guides. Referrals to community and nationwide services include:

  • Day care centers
  • Family day care home providers
  • In-home providers
  • Before/after school programs
  • Preschool/Headstart programs
  • Summer programs
  • Emergency/temporary/mildly sick care programs
  • "Special needs" programs

To use the Child Care Service, simply call 1-800-226-6007.

To conduct your own search for childcare, visit us on the web at http://www.MyImpactSolution.com.

1) Click on the orange "Go to member login" box;

2) in the MEMBER LOGIN box, enter Username: CWRU;

3) then click the "SIGN IN" box.

4) Scroll down and click on the "Locators" box.

5) Select from the list of resources.

Nutrition and Fitness Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

If you're struggling with counting calories, managing a dietary disease, or simply want some motivation when it comes to healthy munching, Nutritional Coaching may be for you. Claims can be confusing. In today's world of options, a Work-Life Specialist can be your navigator when it comes to maneuvering menus or finding healthy grocery store picks.

A Work-Life Specialist can help you:

1. Choose healthy foods to fight off disease.
2. Find low-calorie, low-fat recipes.
3. Re-vamp what you put in your grocery cart during a 1-hour grocery store tour.
4. Select foods to manage a dietary disease, such as type II diabetes or celiac disease.
5. Understand the impact of food journaling.
6. Make educated choices by reading and understanding nutrition labels.

When you call IMPACT Solutions, you will be connected directly to our intake staff who will notify the Work-Life Specialist of your needs. The Work-Life Specialist will research to find appropriate information and resources for you. This benefit is provided through your employer, for you and your dependent family members. To speak directly with our intake staff, call 1-800-227-6007.

Fitness Classes

If you're looking for some "get fit" guidance, IMPACT Solutions can help refer you to fitness classes and programs. To speak directly with our intake staff, call 1-800-227-6007.