What must I do to receive the tuition waiver benefit for myself, my spouse/domestic partner or dependent?

Acceptance to the university must be obtained and classes must be registered for before the tuition benefits can be utilized. After those are completed, the Certification of Tuition Waiver Form should be filled out and returned to Human Resources by email at askhr@case.edu, fax at 216.368.4678, or in person at Crawford 320.

If the waiver is for an employee taking job related graduate courses, they will also need to fill out the Affidavit of Qualification for Tuition Waiver Tax Exemption Form in order to avoid being taxed. Graduate courses that are not job related are taxable to the employee.

If the waiver is for a spouse/domestic partner, the marriage certificate/affidavit of domestic partnership will need to be provided when they first register.

If the waiver is for a dependent child, proof of dependency must be provided when they first register and every fall semester. Proof of dependency would be fulfilled with a copy of the most recent Form 1040 (tax return form). If the child is not listed on Form 1040, the Child’s Proof of Dependency Affidavit Form can also be submitted.