How much vacation time do I have?

As of July 1, 2017, vacation time accrues based on an employee’s salary grade and length of service. Hours accrue monthly from the time the employee starts.

  • Salary grades 9 and below with 1-4 years of employment earn 11 days per year, 5-9 years of employment earn sixteen (16) days per year, and 10+ years of employment earn twenty-one (21) days per year.
  • Salary grades 10-17 with 1-4 years of employment earn 10.67 hours/month (16 days per year). Upon reaching five (5) years of employment, salary grades 10-17 earn 14 hours/month (21 days/year).
  • Salary grades 18 and above earn 14 hours/month (21 days per year).

Vacation days for faculty are assumed within the term designated in each faculty member's appointment letter.

View Calculating Vacation Days in the Vacation Days policy for specific days earned.