As a part-time employee, how much vacation time do I earn?

Part-time employees earn vacation time in days according to their salary grades and years of service, just as full time employees do. The difference is in the total number of hours earned. An employee who works twenty (20) hours per week, or four (4) hours per day, would only accrue vacation days in the amount of four (4) hours each while an employee who works forty (40) hours per week, or eight (8) hours per day, would accrue vacation days in the amount of eight (8) hours each. If both employees earn sixteen (16) vacation days per year, the twenty (20) hour per week/part time employee would earn sixty-four (64) hours per year while the forty (40) hour per week/full time employee would earn 128. This allows them to each receive the same number of days off at the rate of how many hours they work per day.