What is mediation?

A confidential, semi-structured process in which participants, with the help of a mediator, collaborate in good faith to resolve work-related disputes by sharing perspectives, identifying issues, considering possible solutions, and reaching a mutually agreeable solution.

Mediation is:
  • A way to structure difficult conversations.
  • A place for parties in conflict to reach a mutually agreeable compromise and/or solution.
Mediation is not:
  • Arbitration. In arbitration, the parties in conflict agree to present their case to an impartial third party, or arbitrator, who makes a final, binding decision. In mediation, actions and agreements are reached by the parties in conflict with the mediator acting as a facilitator to the discussion.
  • Therapy or counseling. The mediator is not a licensed therapist or counselor, but is instead simply facilitating the conversation between parties in conflict.
  • A guarantee. It is possible participants might quit the mediation, make agreements they have no intention of following through on, or might not reach an agreement at all.