DEI Glossary Serves as Launchpad for Conversation and Understanding

Commit to Exploring a Word Per Week to Elevate Your Research Program

DEI Glossary Ability

The CTSC launched a growing DEI glossary to help researchers engage in conversation and develop greater understanding about a host of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) topics. From race and ethnicity to social justice and LGBTQIA+--this growing glossary provides a starting point for anyone interested in building knowledge in a space that will help them integrate and form health disparities queries that will advance health equity. 

Each time we highlight the DEI glossary, we’ll focus on one word. Our first word is ability. Ability is defined as possession of the means or skills to do something; talent, skill, or proficiency in a particular area. 

Consider how ability plays a role in your research program. 


  1. Do you hire research team members with varying skills or proficiency in diverse areas? 
  2. Is the way that you measure for baseline ability when considering research team candidates static or fluid? 
  3. Have you historically invested your time and talent serving as a mentor to individuals who could benefit from your proficiency in a certain area, but typically don’t have access to you or people like in the field? 
  4. As you recruit for studies, do you consistently attract people who have limited to no barriers to participation in research? If so, what could you do to make your study more accessible to those with varying physical or mental abilities? 

Curious about the rest of the rest of the words in the DEI Glossary? Review the entire glossary on our website.