NIH Biosketch and SciENcv

National Institutes of Health – Biosketch Guidance and SciENcv

 In early 2015, the NIH released a new Biosketch format which must be used for all New, Resubmission, Renewal and Revision applications. The new format includes the following major changes/enhancements:

  1. Page limit: increased from four (4) to five (5).
  2. Personal Statement section: can now include up to four (4) peer-reviewed publications.
  3. Contribution to Science section (new): briefly describe up to five (5) of your most significant contributions to science. Each one can list a maximum of four (4) peer-reviewed publications. This section replaces the former “Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications and Patent Citations” section.
  4. URL to a full list of your published work can be included in the “Contribution to Science” section. This is optional, but strongly encouraged. If included, the link must point to a “.gov” site such as “My Bibliography,” as maintained in My NCBI (the National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine). My Bibliography is connected to PubMed, but citations can also be manually entered. These can also include items such as books and chapters, presentations and patents. To create the URL, your “My Bibliography” record must be changed to “public” (the default is “private”).

NIH Resources – contains Biosketch format, instructions, and samples. Note separate format for fellowship applicants.

SciENcv (The Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae)

SciENcv can be used within the NCBI system to generate the new Biosketch. Your Biosketch can be exported as a Word file so you can add the URL mentioned above manually. Use your NIH Commons ID and Password to log in at

Detailed SciENcv instructions with screenshots.

Please contact Sue Ambro at with any questions.