Social Work Minor

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Student in Guatemala

Study abroad courses count as credit toward the social work minor.

Studying social work allows Case Western Reserve University undergraduates of any major to supplement their understanding of some of most complex social issues of our time, including oppression and privilege, poverty, violence, social justice, alcohol and other drug abuse, and community development. Armed with a social work minor, you’ll be better prepared to contribute to local, national and global conversations about society’s most pressing concerns.

All Courses

The social work minor consists of 15 credit hours of courses. Only a portion of the courses are offered each semester. View the current course offerings on the Course Schedules and Descriptions page.

  • SASS 284  Oppression and Privilege  in a Multicultural Society
  • SASS 315 – Adoption Practice and Policy
  • SASS 318 –Death, Grief and Loss
  • SASS 325 –The Netherlands Social Justice: Health and Violence Prevention
  • SASS 355 –Drugs and Youth
  • SASS 367 – Poverty and Children
  • SASS 369 – Social Networking and Community Organizing in the 21st Century
  • SASS 375A – Ecuador: Health, Human and Social Development in Ecuador
  • SASS 375B – Mental Health Issues and Practice- The Netherlands
  • SASS 375C – Poland: Invisible Groups in a New Poland
  • SASS 375D – Guatemala: Community Development Approach to Child Welfare
  • SASS 375F – Gender and Sexuality Justice-LGBT life/Dutch Culture
  • SASS 385 – Social Welfare Capstone
  • SASS 390 – Independent Study
  • SASS 391 –Seminar on Community Needs and Services

“The social work minor was created to give CWRU undergraduates access to the exceptional scholars and practitioners in the Mandel School. Ranked by U.S. News and World Report as #1 in Ohio and #9 in the nation, the Mandel School is a leader. Our courses, taught by practitioners, examine issues and problems that directly affect people and their communities. Our teachers draw examples from their own research and practice.”
—Grover C. Gilmore, Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Dean Emeritus in Applied Social Sciences

For more information on the social work minor, contact Scott Wilkes.