Image of landscape of Quito, Ecuador, with village in foreground and mountains and clouds in background

Health, Human and Social Development in Rural and Urban Ecuador (SASS 375A/575)

3 credits

Image of Case Western Reserve University students in Ecuador, on a road standing behind a sign reading "Ecuador in the middle of the world Latitude: 00, 00, 00, calculated with gps

Health, Human and Social Development in Ecuador—What does the rainforest have to do with it? Journey through Quito, the Amazon Basin and the rural highlands of Ecuador while investigating the impact of social, political and economic development on community and human development in Ecuador.

Gain insight into the lives of Ecuadorians through two homestay experiences with an urban Quito family and an indigenous Quichua family.

Examine the following themes through a social work perspective:

  • Healthcare, Ecological Health and Traditional Medicine 
  • Natural Environment and Biodiversity 
  • Ecological and Cultural Tourism  
  • Cultural Diversity

This trip taught me how much my daily life really affects the world around me. As a consumer, many of the products that I buy directly influence what’s happening in parts of the world like Ecuador. I [became] more aware of my civic and moral responsibilities.
—Hira Qureshi, religious studies and chemistry undergraduate student, Ecuador 2018

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