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Address: 11235 Bellflower Road, Suite 140
Cleveland, OH
Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Contact the Academic Affairs Office

Change of Address

You must use the Student Information System to change your addresses, phone numbers, privacy settings, etc.

Change of Name or Social Security Number

Any name changes must be completed by filling out the form located on the University Registrar’s page.

For changes to your Social Security number, please submit your original signed Social Security card to the registrar.

For changes to your legal name, please submit an original court order, certified marriage certificate and/or certified divorce decree. These documents must accompany the form and be submitted in person to:

Mandel School Registrar
The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences
10900 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, OH

Office hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Course Repeat Petition

You may petition the associate dean of academic affairs to repeat a maximum of two courses during your degree program in order to improve your performance. The petition requires approval from the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. When complete, submit the Course Repeat Petition Form to the Mandel School Registrar.


You may drop and add courses using SIS. The drop/add period concludes after the first two weeks of classes each semester. See the Academic Calendar for exact dates each semester. If you prefer, you may complete the Drop/Add Form and fax it to the Mandel School Registrar at 216.368.6624.

Enrollment Verification

View the CWRU Registrar Degree Verification page for information on enrollment verification. Requests for information to be released to a third-party must be submitted in writing to the registrar’s assistant. Five business days should be allotted for processing.

Extension Request Form

Use this form to request to extend the amount of time needed to complete degree requirements for MSW, MNO or PhD at the Mandel School. Masters students have five (5) years from the time of matriculation to complete their degree plan. An extension may be granted if the student and their academic/field advisor devise a detailed plan of action and timetable to complete the degree within a specified time-frame. Students will be required to register for a minimum of 3 credit hours during each semester of an approved extension.

Incomplete Grades

If you would like to request an incomplete grade in a course, please complete the Incomplete Request Form with your instructor’s authorization and submit it to the Mandel School Registrar.

Independent Study

To participate in the following courses, complete and submit the appropriate form:


You will be notified by the registrar when you are eligible to apply for graduation. After you receive an e-mail notification from the registrar, you may apply for graduation on the Student Information System.

Leave of Absence

Please review the complete Leave of Absence Policy prior to filling out the request form. Use this form to request a leave of absence (up to two consecutive semesters). This will not extend the amount of time permitted to complete the degree and cannot be taken while on an extension. It is used if you are NOT enrolled for classes during the semester in which you are requesting the leave. If you are registered for classes, use the Withdrawal Form.

Loan Deferment

You must request a loan deferment form from your Lender each semester. Once completed, loan deferment forms must be submitted to:

CWRU Registrar’s Verification Office
10900 Euclid Avenue 135 Yost Hall
Cleveland, Ohio 44106-7042

Note: Processing will not occur until after the drop/add period of each semester.

Official Transcripts

View the Case Registrar Transcript Request page for an overview of requesting official transcripts. You must notify the Office of the University Registrar (in person or via U.S. mail) to request an original official transcript.


Withdrawing from a class

When a student drops a course(s) after the normal drop/add period, without completely withdrawing from the university, the student will be charged full tuition for the course(s) dropped and will receive a grade of “W." This rule applies to both semesters and summer session. Not attending a course does not constitute withdrawing from a course. Contact the Mandel School Registrar for details on this process.

Withdrawing from the university

Students withdrawing from the Mandel School must meet with the Assistant Dean, Student Services, for an exit interview and return their University student ID, prior to completing the withdrawal process on the Student Information System. See the refund percentage table (by date) on the CWRU Registrar Withdrawal and Tuition Refunds page.