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Transformative global education; learning without borders

At Case Western Reserve University’s Mandel School, students experience transformative global education through short-term study abroad. Students broaden their perspectives on the world and gain new insight on how different countries and cultures approach social welfare issues, policies and practices. Through our international courses, students visit social work agencies, nonprofit organizations, hospitals, prisons, mental health facilities, foreign universities and organizations that serve the needs of children and families. Students see and experience the world in a way a tourist never would.

“During and after the trip, I can agree that this experience did change my life,” White said. “I am a shy person but my classmates, professors, and all the people with whom I interacted in South Africa welcomed me with open arms. I was pushed out of my comfort zone and have grown in my confidence, perspective, and overall, as a person.” 

~Allysia White, MSW graduate student, South Africa, (2023)

Why Mandel School Study Abroad?

Current Courses

Students at the equator

When: Winter Break

Course: Environmental Social Work/Justice (SASS 375A/575A)

Experience international environmental social work and justice with our professional network and partners in Ecuador—investigate conflicts that arise between the overuse of rich natural resources, fundamental rights of indigenous and marginalized peoples, and economic development.

Poland study abroad

When: Spring Break

Course: Invisible Groups in a New Poland (SASS 375C/575C)

Discover how Poland’s recent political and economic transformations impact its public and private social welfare system working to tackle poverty, homelessness, aging and mental health disorders.

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Netherlands – Mental Health

When: Spring Break

Course: Mental Health Issues and Practice in Netherlands (SASS 375B/575)

Gain insight into Dutch tolerance, harm reduction and cultural attitudes toward co-occurring mental health and substance abuse treatment.

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South Africa

When: Summer Break

Course: Social Justice/Social Work, International Learning through Community and NGO Internship (SASS 375L/575L)

Connect with social workers and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in South Africa and broaden your perspective to address social issues and problems regardless of location and nation.