Doctoral Faculty

The accomplished faculty at the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences are, first and foremost, mentors and teachers who are committed to doctoral education and dedicated to fostering collaborative relationships to help students grow. 

Members of the Mandel School faculty are nationally recognized for leadership in research and scholarship and for an extensive portfolio of funded research. Their high-ranking levels of productivity and groundbreaking research impact diverse fields of social work, transforming individuals and communities all over the world. In addition, our research centers tackle society's most complex issues, from urban poverty to youth violence, investigating and fostering the implementation of innovative and evidence-based practices. 

The Mandel School's doctoral program provides opportunities for PhD students to work closely with faculty members on their funded research projects through research fellowships, independent study and research assistantships. 

Meet the doctoral faculty

Faculty Able to Chair Dissertations Doctoral Program Faculty Research faculty that may work with students
David Crampton Mark Chupp Jeff Kretschmar
Robert L. Fischer David Crampton Francisca García-Cobián Richter
Daniel J. Flannery Marjorie N. Edguer Adjunct Faculty/Consultant
Victor Groza Robert L. Fischer Karen Ishler
Megan R. Holmes Daniel J. Flannery  
David L. Hussey Adrianne M. Fletcher  
Mark L. Joseph Victor Groza  
David B. Miller Megan R. Holmes  
Sharon Milligan David L. Hussey  
Sonia Minnes Mark L. Joseph  
Ann W. Nguyen Jennifer A. King  
Dana Prince David B. Miller  
Nancy Rolock Sharon Milligan  
Mark I. Singer Sonia Minnes  
Aloen L. Townsend Ann W. Nguyen  
Laura A. Voith Dana Prince  
Jessica A. Wojtalik Nancy Rolock  
  Mark I. Singer  
  Aloen L. Townsend  
  Laura A. Voith  
  Scott Wilkes  
  Jessica A. Wojtalnik  
  Zoë Breen Wood