Facilities and Administrative Investment Program

This program provides a research investment to qualified lead PIs for receiving externally-funded projects meeting the total project direct cost and F&A recovery thresholds listed below

  Investment Share Percentage  
Total Project
Direct Cost Budget
Actual F&A Recovery
= >30% < Federal Rate
Actual F&A Recovery
= > Federal Rate

$10,000 - $499,999
$500,000 - $799,999
$800,000 +



*See eligibility

The investment amount is indexed against the project’s actual, recovered F&A and will be calculated as a percentage of the recovered amount following the table above.  Please note the following eligibility and program requirements: 

  1. Projects must be housed at Mandel School (assigned to a Mandel School Department ID). Subaccounts assigned to Mandel School by another school are eligible.
  2. Projects for which the Dean has approved a reduced F&A rate are not eligible.
  3. Projects for which the School is providing cost-share (beyond sponsor-required salary cap) are not eligible.
  4. The investment amount is indexed against the actual, recovered F&A and will be calculated as a percentage of the recovered amount.
  5. “Total project direct cost budget” is defined as the direct cost budget for the complete project period (e.g., 7/1/23 – 6/30/28).  This would include committed future support, but not periods beyond the project end date.  This does not include projects that require annual proposals because their renewal is not committed.
  6. To receive either the 5% or 10% investment amount, the PI must also charge their effort at the level of 20% (academic year) or greater to the specific speedtype that earned the F&A.  If less than 20% effort (AY) is charged, the incentive amount will be 2.5%.
  7. The investment amount is allocated to the lead Mandel School PI.
  8. The investment amount will be available at the end of the fiscal year during which the F&A was recovered.  F&A will not be applied to this amount and it will accrue from year to year.  It will be placed in an internal account.
  9. To earn an investment amount greater than 2.5%, the proposal submission date must be July 1, 2023 or later in addition to fulfilling the other criteria.

Approval Date: May 15, 2023