Previously Offered Study Abroad Courses

Students in Ghana market

Course: 21st Century Ghana: Culture, Institutions, and Development in West Africa (SASS 375H/575)

See first-hand the immense potential and enduring challenges of Sub-Saharan Africa in one of the continent’s most politically and economically stable countries.

Image of woman in walking down an on old, but colorful, street in Guatemala, carrying bags in left arm and many bags on top of head

Course: Community Based Child Welfare in Guatemala (SASS 375D/575) 

Understand the socio-political factors that influence child welfare programs in the nongovernmental sector in Guatemala. 

Image of woman in sari driving a yellow 3 wheel auto with very colorful scarves and decorations on it, down a street with a woman setting and two men standing with two trees in an open area

Course: Global Health and Social Development in India (SASS 375G/575)   

With a focus on southern India, discover how policy challenges are approached through preventative healthcare, nonprofits addressing poverty alleviation and non-formal education, and the IT sector in Bengalore.

Student standing next to a poster that reads, Sociaal Werkers vergroten de zelfredzaamheid van de buurt, with a block caption that reads, sociaal werk doe je met sociaal werkers! below

Course: The Netherlands Social Justice: Health and Violence Prevention (SASS 575) 

For graduate students

Compare the United States and the Netherlands social justice systems by engaging with experts on prostitution, drug use, substance abuse, child welfare, mental health, violence prevention, criminal justice, homelessness and euthanasia.

Image of four students on a bridge overlooking a canal with buildings and boats on each side, with a large cathedral spire in the background

Course: The Netherlands Social Justice: Health and Violence Prevention (SASS 325) 

For undergraduate students

Join Mandel School Dean Grover “Cleve” Gilmore in Amsterdam and enhance your understanding of Dutch social policies and practices for social justice systems.