Individualized Path of Study

Format: On-campus

At the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, your career goals come first. Often, social work students hold personal and professional interests in a topic that may not clearly line up with prescribed paths already created at the school but that well align with leading practices, theories and issues in the field. 

Working closely with their advisor and academic support staff, such students can carve out an individualized path of study that reflects their goals. Your tailored plan will allow you to take full advantage of the school’s academic breadth and depth, while addressing topics that matter most to you—and meet all licensing requirements. 

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Examples of Individualized Paths

  • Cross-cultural perspectives of LGBTQ policy and practice
  • Early childhood intervention
  • Global health and social development
  • Health policy and health promotion
  • Integrative and behavioral healthcare
  • Social work practice and nonprofit management
  • Social work practice in primary and secondary education
  • Trauma-informed social work practice