Student Support Investment Program

The program provides a research investment to any lead Principal Investigator who supports a Master’s student by charging a minimum stipend to an externally-funded project.

The investment amount is $100 for each Master’s student stipend charged.  Please note the following eligibility and program requirements: 

  1. Projects for which the School is providing cost-share are not eligible.
  2. Payments made to students for hourly work or for small, specific tasks are not eligible.
  3. The student must be within his/her covered field placement (Master’s) period at MSASS.  The stipend charged to an external project must replace the stipend that would otherwise be covered by MSASS.  For Master’s students, the stipend minimum is $2,000.
  4. The investment amount applies to each academic year a stipend is charged externally; however, each year stands on its own (cannot combine stipend payments between multiple years).
  5. Multiple Master’s students can be covered at amounts less than $2,000 based on individual effort levels.  The investment amount will accrue for each increment of $2,000 (Master’s) charged externally.  
  6. The stipend charged is not for additional work, but to support the student’s scholarly pursuits.   
  7. The investment amount is $100 for each $2,000 stipend charged to externally-funded projects.
  8. The investment amount is allocated to the lead PI.
  9. The investment amount will be available at the end of the fiscal year during which the stipend was charged.  F&A will not be applied to this amount and it will accrue from year to year.  It will be placed in an internal account.
  10. There is no limit to how many students a PI can support per year.

Approval Date: August 29, 2016.  Updated December 9, 2019.