Box should be used for a team’s, department’s, school’s or other group’s research or institutional data only. It is not intended for a person’s individual storage. Institutional data includes university business data collected and maintained by Case Western Reserve University, that includes student, faculty, staff, clinic and administrative data (i.e. human resources, financial, advancement, research administration, etc.). Research data includes all material, originally recorded by or for the investigator, commonly accepted in the scientific community as necessary to validate research findings. Box has been certified for public, internal use, and restricted data. For more information on data types, see the UTech article Information Types and Sensitivity.

A 1 TB quota is applied to each user’s account in Box.

Please contact the UTech Service Desk, who will put you in touch with the UTech storage team to discuss options and the best solution for your data in terms of features and expense.

Offering unlimited storage to higher education institutions had become financially unsustainable for Box. The most recent contract renewal provides a fixed storage amount to the University. The university will incur significant additional costs if the institution as a whole goes above this quota.

Data used for individual and non-collaborative activities are appropriate for Google My Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. Institutional, or collaborative, data that is not restricted is appropriate for Google Shared Drives and Microsoft SharePoint. UTech offers other on premise storage services for administrative and research data. For more information, contact the UTech Service Desk.

Box is intended to be used by Case Western Reserve University faculty and staff to store administrative or research data. Faculty or staff who need access to Box can go to the Box account tool to create an account. If other members of the community need access to Box related to this type of use, such as a student worker assisting on a Box related project, a faculty or staff sponsor can contact the UTech Service Desk to request an access exception for those individuals.

Contact the UTech Service Desk noting the non-faculty or staff person and the reason the person needs access to the Box service.

All of the major cloud storage providers provide software that maps their service’s storage as a drive on your computer. Once installed, you can drag and drop files and folders between the services. See Box Drive, Google Drive, and OneDrive for the installers. Very large amounts of data may require special software and assistance. Please contact the UTech Service Desk for more information.