Understanding Permission Levels

Access to Box files is controlled at the folder level. Collaborators may be assigned one of seven different permission levels (see chart below). To learn how to assign folder permissions to collaborators, see the sharing files page. 

  Co-Owner Editor Viewer Uploader Previewer Uploader Viewer Previewer Uploader
Download x x x   x    
View/Add Comments* x x x x x x  
Delete Files/Folders x x          
Create Tasks x x x   x    
Add/Edit Tags x x          
View Tags x x x x x x x
Invite People x x          
Edit Folder Name x x          
Create Subfolders x x x x     x
Edit Folder Settings x            
Preview x x x x x x  
Send View-Only Links x x x   x    
Upload x x x x     x
View Items in Folder x x x x x x x
Sync Folder x x          
Set Access Permissions x x          
Restrict Invitations x            
View Access Stats x x          
Move/Copy x x