General IT Policies

I - Individuals who are eligible for support by the CWRU SoDM IT Department 

  • Current Faculty of the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine (CWRU SODM)
  • Students of the CWRU SODM
  • Staff of the CWRU SODM
  • Visiting/Volunteer Faculty/Lecturers of the CWRU SODM
  • Emeriti Faculty of the CWRU SODM
  • Vendors with signed contractual obligations towards CWRU SODM, required to fulfill functions related to their service and/or product at the CWRU SODM 

II - Individuals not eligible for support

  • Friends, relatives or family members of the above
  • Anyone not affiliated with CWRU SODM

III - Supported Issues 

  • Issues with technology hardware/software owned by the CWRU SODM
  • Issues with software installed on hardware owned by the CWRU SODM for PC systems that are members of the CWRU SODM Active Directory.
  • Problems/issues with access to technology or systems at the CWRU SODM
  • CWRU SODM technology hardware and software purchase recommendations (quotes/carts)

IV - Unsupported Issues 

  • Personal property including mobile devices
  • Issues or access to Non-University or Non-CWRU SODM technology or software
  • Software, hardware, access, and security issues on non-Active Directory CWRU SODM computers 

V - Prioritization 

  • Priority is given to issues which affect a large population of the CWRU SODM, global issues and outages.
  • Priority is given to issues which affect the clinic operations including clinic software, Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) issues, and the Cashier’s office.
  • Priority is given to the Dean, Associate Deans, and Department Chairs and their executive assistants.
  • All other issues are prioritized on a case by case basis depending on CWRU SODM IT Department work load, and urgency of the issue.  If there are no other extenuating circumstances, issues will be handled in the order they are reported.  

VI - Contact Methods 

  • The Contact IT Tool is the preferred method of contact. It puts the problem report directly into the CWRU SODM IT Department trouble ticket system where it will be seen by the entire IT team. The Contact IT Tool provides guidance to accurately report the issue and needed details that will help the CWRU SODM IT Department resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.
  • If the above contact method is unavailable, or there is an emergency, or there is a problem that affects patient care, then the following methods can be used: phone the IT department (368-2039) or report the problem in person to the IT department. To ensure the problem is in the queue, always follow up with a Contact IT Tool request if possible.  Do not rely on direct contact with individuals as they may be busy, off site, on vacation, etc.
  • Advance notice – the individual end user/department is responsible for requesting access changes or installs/configurations in a timely manner of more than one week before the request is needed.
  • Lost/stolen equipment should be reported promptly to the CWRU Police and CWRU SODM IT informed. 

VII - Changes to EMR 

  • Requests for UTech Dental to make changes to appointment books must come from the Scheduling Supervisor.

VIII - EMR System Training

  • A ticket must be submitted by the faculty trainer at least two months prior to the training session so that the training environment can be prepared as multiple third parties are involved.
    • The faculty trainer is also responsible for providing UTech SODM a list of test patients as well as a list of to which student they should be assigned.
      • UTech Dental will engage Exan Support to have this done.
  • To set their passwords following the training the faculty trainer is to direct the students to go to room 342 to set their passwords in the production system.
    • Students 01-25 the next AM following training
    • Students 26-50 the next PM following training
    • Students 51-74 the 2nd AM following training
    • Students 75-80+ 2nd PM following training
    • The third day and after students who missed their window to set their password can stop by to set their password.