IT Procedures

I - Granting Access (Done by CWRU SoDM IT) 

  1. The assigned the CWRU SODM IT Team member will check the record of merit for HIPAA training to ensure the end user has completed HIPAA training. If the end user was in the record of merit from previous employment, the CWRU SODM IT Team member will move the status to ‘active’.  If the end user is not in the record of merit, the CWRU SODM IT Team member will inform the department that the user has not yet completed training and access will not be granted until HIPAA training has been completed and the record of merit updated.
  2. The assigned CWRU SODM IT Team member will check that the end user's CWRU Network ID is activated.
  3. Following completion of HIPAA Training, and activation of the user's CWRU Network ID, on the date and time requested, the CWRU SODM IT member will:
    • add the end user to the requested Active Directory Access Groups.
    • add the end user to the appropriate Google Apps Organization for them (School of Dental Medicine Student, Staff, etc.)
    • a clinic software account will be made for the end user with the requested access level and set locked pending the end user setting their password for the system.
    • meet with the new hire to explain network drives, proper problem reporting procedure and see if they require assistance in setting up email or other common computing tasks. 

II - Removing Access (Done by CWRU SoDM IT) 

  1. The CWRU SODM IT Team member who owns the access request ticket will:
    • Terminate the end user’s access at the requested date and time (normally end of the day) by removing the user from CWRU SODM Active Directory Groups and (if applicable) disabling their clinic software account(s).
    • Change the end users’ status to ‘inactive’ in the HIPAA Record of Merit
  2. Access will be periodically audited as part of Quality Assurance’s HIPAA retraining compliance. The the CWRU SODM HIPAA officer will provide a list of users found in the audit whose access is to be revoked. 

III - Ordering New Equipment or Software 

  1. All requests over $200 must be routed by the CWRU SODM  IT department through the Finance and Administration office for approval. Equipment or Software that is expected to be supported, integrated with existing systems, or connected to the CWRU SODM network, should not be ordered without consultation with the IT department.
    • New PC (computer or laptop) requests need to be submitted a month before they are needed.
    • General equipment requests need to be submitted two weeks before they are needed.
    • Non-standard equipment requests will need additional lead time for non-standard ordering processes to be completed and for compatibility checking with existing systems and system security.
    • Software ordering requests need to be submitted one week before it is needed.
  2. Requests must include the business need for the new equipment or software.
  3. CWRU SODM  IT will generate a quote (“Cart”) from one of the University’s preferred vendors. If the item is not available from a preferred vendor additional permissions may be required which can delay the purchase request.
  4. The quote or “Cart” will be assigned to the individual in the department responsible for ordering equipment (most often the Department Assistant). This person is responsible for ensuring that the order is placed.  CWRU SODM IT does not order equipment.
  5. Equipment should be shipped to the Dental School IT Department. If it is mistakenly delivered to the end user’s department, it is the end user’s/department’s responsibility to direct the delivery to the CWRU SODM  IT offices.  Otherwise, the CWRU SODM  IT department should be informed to collect the item for proper configuration and/or installation 

IV - Moving Equipment 

  1. Physical movement of technology equipment from one office/location to another must be coordinated with CWRU SODM  IT department for the purposes of inventory maintenance and quality assurance. 

V - Equipment Disposal 

  1. Dental School Electronic/technology equipment should be returned to the CWRU SODM  IT department when no longer in use. The CWRU SODM  IT Department will determine if the equipment is still useable (in which case it will be redeployed as determined by the CWRU SODM  IT Department), recyclable, or if it needs to be disposed of.

    Equipment relinquished to IT is no longer a part of the individual department’s inventory

    • Only equipment which is CWRU SODM property is eligible for disposal by CWRU SODM IT.
    • Electronic/technology equipment that contains data will have the data storage media (hard drive) physically removed and electronically overwritten with a thorough overwriting process. If the data storage media is not able to be wiped, it will either be shredded/destroyed in house (in the case of small media) or disposed of through a vendor for industrial shredding.
  2. CWRU SODM IT is responsible for removing terminated devices from the network registration (if applicable), removing it from Active Directory (if applicable), and updating internal inventories as to the decommissioning of technology equipment.