Request Materials

Thank you for your interest in using the Comprehensive Head and Neck Database for your research.

Materials (human biospecimens and data) are available for use by internal collaborating researchers, external academic researchers, and commercial or industry researchers. All researchers requesting use of materials are required to complete an application for review and approval by CHND.

Application Process

Follow the steps below to submit your request for materials. For questions or assistance in completing the required application documents or to check on the status of your application submission, please contact the CHND at or (216) 368-8736. 

Information regarding the administration of research projects and types of materials requested are provided within various documents comprising an application packet. Documents are submitted electronically to

Required Documents:

  • Material Use Application
  • IRB Approval
  • Data Use Agreement (if requesting identified information)

The CHND Review Committee will review submitted application documents to assess the feasibility and scientific merit of proposed research projects. Investigators of approved requests will be contacted by CHND staff to arrange logistics surrounding material procurement. Requests not meeting CHND approval requirements may be provided with suggestions and re-considered for approval upon modifications and re-submission.

Access to materials will be prioritized based on the affiliation of researchers. Internal investigators associated with the CHND will have first priority to materials.

Upon approval, CHND staff will work with investigators to arrange logistics of material collection.