The Biorepository provides the following services:

Research Development:

  • Consultation on research protocol development and regulatory affairs
    • Training on discarded tissue research and HIPAA patient privacy regulations


  • The Biorepository team works directly with internal clinicians to obtain biospecimens and data from adult patients
    • Healthy controls and disease biospecimens
      • Saliva, oral rinse, oral swabs, blood, primary tumor tissue, discarded tissue, paraffin blocks
    • Matched adjacent tissues from same source
    • Additional samples obtained from same source during possible follow-up standard of care visits
  • Strict patient confidentiality regulations maintained with use of unique database identification codes
  • Clinical data obtained through medical record reviews
    • Pathology reports, histopathological status, demographics
    • Additional data able to be obtained through Data Use Agreements


  • Biospecimens processed may be processed according to investigator request
    • Fresh, frozen, embedded, sections, slides
    • Dissection
    • RNA preservation

Biospecimen Samples:

  • Available storage of human body fluids, blood, and tissues for future research use
    • Long-term maintenance of materials for designated researchers

Clinical Data:

  • Secure, custom-designed archival database