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In an ever-changing world, where headlines are dominated by elections, conflicts, and diplomatic tensions, employees may want to understand these issues more and gain insight. They may feel unprepared to navigate the current and concerted impact of these issues in their professional and personal lives, especially when dissonance in perspectives and cultural identities are encountered.

The university aims to promote a positive and resilient campus community by fostering civil discourse, encouraging empathy, and empowering individuals to take meaningful action in the face of uncertainty through:

  • Education and Awareness
  • Support and Resources

Case Western Reserve employees are invited to explore the following Civil and Political Engagement Resource Hub, complete with learning and development opportunities to help positively impact our shared workplace experience and beyond.


"Globally, more voters than ever in history will head to the polls as at least 64 countries (plus the European Union)—representing a combined population of about 49% of the people in the world—are meant to hold national elections, the results of which, for many, will prove consequential for years to come."  



Education and Awareness

Programming and materials on civil and political expression. Opportunities to learn and take action. Also find policies and guidelines provided by the university.


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CWRU events, special programming, etc. 


Watch & Listen

Highly Recommended:

  • Difficult Conversations About Politics at Work 
    LinkedIn (Audio, 24m 2s) | Challenging political discussions can impact team cohesion within an organization. In this audio-only course, negotiation and conflict resolution expert Kwame Christian shares steps you can take to structure and navigate political conversations in the workplace.
  • Freedom of Expression and Political Activity at CWRU 
    CWRU Compliance Office (Video, 20m) | View the 2024 CWRU compliance training video that share vital guidance for all employees. 
  • Discussing Politics at Work and the Importance of Civility Podcast 
    Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Honest HR Podcast (Audio, 54m) | In the midst of an election year, political tensions are running high everywhere, and the workplace is no exception. A discussion of SHRM’s latest research on the topic of workplace civility as it pertains to political conversations at work. 

Additional On-demand Trainings:

More to come soon!

Read & Explore

More to come soon!

Support and Resources

Experiences, trainings and materials to foster professional and personal well-being. Find support for coping with anxiety, conflict, stress and uncertainty.


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CWRU and IMPACT Solutions training workshops, etc.



Highly Recommended:

Stress Management / Stress at Work:

Workplace Culture & Management:

More coming soon!


Read & Explore

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Employee Assistance and Work/Life Program

Need Support Now? IMPACT Solutions, the university's Employee Assistance and Work/Life Program, provides free, confidential counseling and referrals to benefits-eligible faculty and staff, as well as their family members and household members 24/7/365. 

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