Career Well-Being Incentive

The Professional Development Center is pleased to partner with the wellness program to provide programming which can be utilized to earn a Wellness Program Incentive in the category of Career Well-being.

Using one’s strengths every day and maximizing professional potential enhances overall well-being and helps increase enjoyment and engagement at work. The Professional Development Center has several options to help you work toward earning this Wellness Program Incentive and develop your skills and interests in a variety of ways. The following PDC program options are approved for Wellness Program Incentive participation:

  1. Professional Development Center (PDC) Employee Supervision Certificate Completion
    • In order to meet Wellness Program Incentive requirements, the Employee Supervision Certificate must be started and completed between January 1 and November 30 of the year in which you want to attest for the Career Well-being Program Incentive. Please note, this is a modification to the regular Employee Supervision Certificate guidelines which can be found in their entirety here. For more information, please schedule a Career Development Consultation meeting.
  2. Professional Development Training Session Participation
    • Attend a series of training sessions curated by the CWRU Professional Development Center Career Development Manager (may include PDC Workshops, LinkedIn Learning, Academic Impressions, etc.)  A consultation is required to develop a plan for this program option. Request a Career Development Consultation to get started.
  3. Career Coaching
    • Completion of a multi-session plan that include goal setting and related activities. A consultation is required to determine if this option is right for you. Request a Career Development Consultation to get started.
  4. Coaching and Professional Development Training Session Combination

Regular participation over a multi-week period is necessary to be eligible for this incentive. Staff members need to complete at least 7, one-hour long assignments or a total of 7 hours of combined programming to meet incentive requirements. For this reason, plans created by the PDC will consist of 8 or more activities/engagements. Monthly Wellness Incentive recipients who have met the requirements to earn the Career Well-being Program Incentive must attest to meeting the requirements in HCM. The attestation forms are available in HCM starting in April of each year, and attestations must be submitted no later than November 30. For full program details, please visit the wellness program website