Essentials of Management Series

Certain staff will be required to complete The Essentials of Management Series. The Essentials of Management Series provides virtual on-demand classes and focuses on core supervisor components and CWRU specific knowledge base. This Series consists of the following ten (10) core CWRU classes, each one being approximately one hour in length.

  1. CWRU Human Resource Policy Overview
  2. Nuts and Bolts of CWRU Supervision
  3. Onboarding & Orientation for Employees
  4. Conflict Management
  5. Motivating & Mentoring Employees
  6. Performance Management at CWRU
  7. Positive Corrective Action at CWRU
  8. CWRU Termination Policy & Process
  9. Fundamentals of Equal Opportunity 
  10. Sexual Harassment

These classes are offered virtually on-demand through Canvas.

New Employees in Orientation

CWRU Human Resources will enroll you within one (1) week of your employment start date. Please check your email inbox (or spam folder) for an invitation email from our course software program - Canvas. Offer letters will detail the responsibility to complete the Essentials of Management Series during orientation (e.g., within the first 3 months of employment).

Current Supervisors or Employees Promoted to Supervisor

Request to be Enrolled

Please note that the Essentials of Management Series is distinct from the Employee Supervisor Certificate. The Employee Supervisor Certificate is a voluntary certification that requires participation in 10 live (webinar or in-person) classes, must be completed within 3 semesters, and the classes are broader than the Essentials of Management Series.

Virtual on-demand classes taken as part of the Essentials of Management Series cannot be used towards the Employee Supervisor Certificate. However, live (webinar or in-person) classes on these specific topics taken as part of the Employee Supervisor Certificate may count towards the Essentials of Management Series, upon request.