Past Webinar Recordings

Mental Health Booster Kit for the New Workplace - 7/13/2021

In this one hour session, we will:
-Identify current potential challenges
-Learn to take charge of stress with a formula for success
-Examine what mental health well-being is
-Develop the tools and the plan to actively pursue your personal and professional goals in order to invest your time wisely both with co-workers and co-lifers, but most of all-- with yourself, and
-Learn and practice a variety of relaxation and mindfulness techniques, how to establish boundaries, and to identify satisfiers for well-being and sustainability in the New Workplace

Creating a Self and Socially Aware Workplace - 6/15/2021

Embracing differences and finding balance has always been a challenge, but now more than ever, we not only need to work together, but we need to learn how to help one another and the workplace thrive. In this course, we will:
-Define social and self-awareness
-Identify their importance and impact on the workplace
-Assess your social and self-awareness skills and how they influence you and others
-Identify obstacles and barriers to achieving a balanced, aware work environment
-Learn communication that supports and encourages inclusion, connection, and diverse perspectives

Conflict Resolution - 5/6/2021

Conflict is more common than we want to believe. In this session we will learn how to navigate conflict and learn from it. We will learn about causes of conflict, benefits and drawbacks, and communication skills that strengthen relationships and build workplace options.

Fostering Personal Power in Times of Change - 2/17/2021

Through this one-hour workshop, participants will focus on discussing the various aspects of change and the importance of assessing one's current state in times of change, and steps for sustaining personal change. As part of this process, participants will learn to assess personal blocks to change, and different tools and strategies for guiding personal behavior change process and moving through change. Objectives include: Define change process and blocks to change; Determining what change means to me and my response; Learn strategies for building personal capacity and taking action through change.

Emotional Resilience: From Stress to Success - 1/27/2021

Stress is a fact of life and unfortunately, there is no escaping it. Unfortunately, many people cope with stress in ways that compound the problem. There are many healthy ways to manage and cope with stress which require change. Through developing emotional resiliency individuals can bounce back to their normal emotional states regardless of stressful events and pressure. This workshop will teach resiliency techniques to enhance work-styles for better experiences as well as managing other day to day life events.

Happy Holidays in the New Reality - 12/11/2020

This webinar will cover how to re-create the holiday season in line with the “new reality” we all are facing this year. Attendees will learn how to have challenging conversations with family members and how to create a sense of joy and feeling safe. 

Additionally, individuals will:

-Identify the new sources of stress;
-Discover how to avoid unhealthy coping mechanisms when there is too much to do and too little time;
-Find out how to minimize negative attitudes regarding the changes we all must adopt; and
-Gain skills in reducing stress levels and tips to save energy and create achievable resolutions.

Stress for Success – Learning How to Harness Stress and Make It Work for You - 11/23/2020

Stress is typically viewed as something negative that we try to avoid. However, in the right amounts, stress can also motivate us, give us energy, and help us meet expectations to get things done. In this training, learn not only how to reduce your experience of stress but also how to harness and use it as an asset to help you grow and succeed.

The 25-Hour Day: How to Manage Your Time for Improved Productivity and Efficiency - 11/11/2020

In today's interconnected, fast-paced world, it often seems that the greatest magic trick one could learn would be how to fit 25-hours into a 24-hour day. In this training, while you won't learn to defy the laws of physics, you will learn skills to help you work more efficiently in order to maximize your available time and be more productive. By embracing and adhering to several simple skills, one may ultimately feel like he or she has learned the secret to fitting 25-hours into a 24-hour day. Don't just work smarter, become less stressed and be more present for your friends and family.

Recognizing and Responding to Employees' Behavioral & Mental Health Needs - 10/29/2020

For many, the prospect of recognizing and responding to the behavioral, emotional, mental health or alcohol/substance use problems of one's employees, managers, and leaders can feel daunting, if not outright frightening. However, knowing how to recognize and properly respond to such problems is vital if one wishes to both support and maximize an organization's prime resource-- its people. This training will help you learn to recognize and effectively respond to a wide range of behavioral, emotional, mental health and alcohol/substance use problems those in your organization may experience. 

Coping with Change in the Workplace - 10/19/2020

Change is vital to growth. The most long-standing and successful organizations are those that embrace change. At the same time, human beings are often creatures of habit who resist change. In this training, learn how to effectively effect and manage the process of change. Find out how to help your staff not only tolerate change, but accept and embrace it for organizational growth.

Mental Health Resiliency During a Pandemic - 9/30/2020

When tough times hit, how do you respond? You might long for a return to "normal" but most likely, you'll be required to adapt to a "new normal." Resiliency is the ability to adjust and learn from adversity. Resilient people do more than rely on positive thinking and luck. They experience just as many challenges as everyone else, sometimes more. Yet, they have developed effective coping skills that allow them to survive and thrive during adversity. Learn how to manage overwhelming feelings, adapt to change, and adopt a proactive mindset.

Living in Uncertainty - 9/16/2020

This webinar will help with coping with traumatic events and understanding the hierarchy of needs, specifically as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic. Other objectives include: Understanding the full spectrum of psychological impacts after an outbreak. Identify appropriate intervention methods by developing an awareness of the specific impacts of COVID-19. Develop skills and confidence needed to support clients and co-workers during challenging times. Share personal concerns as providers in regards to in-person services moving forward. Learn ways to increase your psychological immunity and discover strategies to cope. Discover practical ways to reclaim a sense of balance and address existing habits and explore resources.