Upcoming Webinars and Classes

Registration for all of the webinars is required and can be completed here. A Zoom link will be sent to those who have registered prior to the beginning of each webinar.

The 25-Hour Day: How to Manage Your Time for Improved Productivity and Efficiency

Wednesday 11/11/20 at 2pm

In today's interconnected, fast-paced world, it often seems that the greatest magic trick one could learn would be how to fit 25-hours into a 24-hour day. In this training, while you won't learn to defy the laws of physics, you will learn skills to help you work more efficiently in order to maximize your available time and be more productive. By embracing and adhering to several simple skills, one may ultimately feel like he or she has learned the secret to fitting 25-hours into a 24-hour day. Don't just work smarter, become less stressed and be more present for your friends and family.

Stress for Success – Learning How to Harness Stress and Make It Work for You

Monday 11/23/20 at 10am

Stress is typically viewed as something negative that we try to avoid. However, in the right amounts, stress can also motivate us, give us energy, and help us meet expectations to get things done. In this training, learn not only how to reduce your experience of stress but also how to harness and use it as an asset to help you grow and succeed.