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Live CWRU/IMPACT Webinars

Please check back soon for offerings for August and September of 2021! In the meantime, feel free to check out previous sessions. 

Second Wednesday Webinar Series

August 18, 2021 – Leveraging Your Vulnerabilities

We all have vulnerabilities, this is what makes us human, but so often we try to conceal these aspects from the world outside, when, actually, knowing, understanding and sharing your vulnerabilities can lead to a more productive you, and to enhanced relationships...

September 8, 2021 – Caring for Your Loved Ones at Home

Many elders prefer home care over institutionalized care, but the task can seem daunting – we will discuss the many considerations when determining the best option for care, as well as share resources that can make this living arrangement safe, affordable, and enjoyable for all.

October 13, 2021 – Prioritizing to Manage a Full Plate

Especially as year-end and the holidays approach we are often deluged with obligations and responsibilities – we don’t know where to turn! We will discuss strategies for managing this “full plate”.

November 10, 2021 – LGBTQIA+ Sensitivity and Inclusion in the Workplace, and in your Life

Diversity and Inclusion at work and beyond are essential to an organization’s success, but if individuals don’t fully understand the perspective of others, it is difficult to truly become a team. In this session we will discuss common assumptions and biases and learn the art of being truly inclusive.

December 8, 2021 – The Time and Stress Management Tool Kit

Especially during the holiday period, but year-round, we are faced with so many challenges and competing priorities. Learn our toolkit strategies for doing your best to eliminate unnecessary stress, while managing your time.

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