CTSC Community Advisory Board

A photo of CTSC Community Advisory Board (CAB) Membership 2023-2024

The CTSC launched its first Community Advisory Board in fall 2023. Starting with 11 members, we have a cohort with varied backgrounds from a cross-section of industries and fields. With a goal of expanding influence and impact, this group will grow to 20 by the end of the first year in June 2024.

Meet our Members

Discover why our members are serving on the CAB:

Nazleen Bharmal CTSC CAB Member 2023-2024

Nazleen Bharmal, MD, PhD

Associate Chief, Community Health & Partnership
Cleveland Clinic

“To move forward on collective action for health needs in the community and synergize with other stakeholders in research and translation.”



Veronica Dahlberg CTSC CAB Member 2023-2024

Veronica Isabel Dahlberg

Executive Director

CAB Co-chair

“We work to ensure Latinos, immigrants and farmworkers have access to medical care and are not left marginalized.”


Gulnar Feerasta CTSC CAB Member 2023-2024

Gulnar Feerasta, MSSA, MNO

Senior Director, Programs
LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland

“I want to help strengthen community-based research partnerships and opportunities to better serve the LGBTQ+ community.”


Karen Florence-Davis CTSC CAB Member 2023-2024

Karen Florence Davis

Community Health Worker
A Vision of Change

“As a Community Health Worker, I believe I can contribute my lived and work experience to use my voice for individuals with service needs related to health, work, housing, transportation, and more.”


Lena Grafton CTSC CAB Member 2023-2024

Lena Grafton, PhD

Director, Community Health Engagement
University Hospitals

CAB Co-chair

“I am interested in partnering with other non-profit organizations to improve conditions for high opportunity communities.”


Yvonka Hall CTSC CAB Member 2023-2024

Yvonka Hall, MPA

Executive Director
Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition

“This aligns with my current work which is to create equity in the African American community addressing the cumulative impact of racial, economic, environmental and social justice inequities in education, employment, housing and health by working to educate, advocate for and empower the community.”


Constance Hill-Johnson CTSC CAB Member 2023-2024

Constance Hill-Johnson, MPA

Owner/Managing Director
Visiting Angels Senior Homecare

Board Chairperson
The Cleveland Foundation

“My background is in health care management and I serve seniors who have health challenges, some with chronic diseases. I am very aware of the deeply embedded systemic racism in our healthcare system which manifests itself in so many ways.”


David Margolius CTSC CAB Member 2023-2024

David Margolius, MD

Cleveland Department of Public Health

“I look forward to the opportunity to improve the health of Clevelanders.”




Earl Pike CTSC CAB Member 2023-2024

Earl Pike

Executive Director
University Settlement

“I think people like me who do have some privilege, by the color of my skin and by gender and so on, have a positive obligation to use that privilege to benefit other people’s lives.”



Marielee Santiago CTSC CAB Member 2023-2024

Marielee Santiago-Rodriguez, MSW, MPH

Director, Transformative Knowledge & Education
MetroHealth Institute for H.O.P.E.

“Having lived experience allows me to provide a diverse lens that is oftentimes overshadowed or not thought of when making drastic health informed policy decisions.”


Joan Thoman CTSC CAB Member 2023-2024

Joan Thoman, PhD, RN, CNS

Associate Professor and Director, Community Health Worker Program
Cleveland State University

“This is a wonderful opportunity for collaboration and to leverage with other organizations to move the needle.”