Genomics Core Facility


Genomics Core Director
Alex Miron

Contact Information

Assistant Director
Simone Edelheit
Wood Building, Room W-106

Genomics Core

Located on the first floor of the Wood building at CWRU, the Genomics Core Facility offers a comprehensive list of genomic services to all investigators at CWRU, its partnering institutions as well as non-affiliated institutions and businesses. We have services covering a full range of DNA and RNA applications, including Whole Genome Sequencing, RNA sequencing, metagenomics sequencing, standard Sanger sequencing, as well as genotyping and methylation beadarray analysis options. We also offer Cell Line Authentication services. We are equipped with the Illumina MiSeq, NextSeq 550, and NovaSeq X (coming summer 2023) for all of our next generation sequencing. In addition to sequencing, we provide a host of library preparation options for a variety of sample types and projects, ranging from RNA-sequencing to CRISPR validation. We strive to service our research community in a cost-effective and efficient manner to enable them to conduct the best research possible.

The Genomics Core also maintains a close partnership with the Translational Research Core for handling many DNA/RNA extractions, the Applied Functional Genomics Core for all single-cell and spatial technologies, and the Computational Biology Core, which provides downstream data analysis needs.



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